Physical Health

What is Physical Health?

HealthSocialClub defines physical health as the overall outcome of how the body operates. The functionality of organs and muscles determines physical health. To keep a stable physical health status requires constant physical activities. Physical activities are used to keep the body functioning properly and prevent illness from occurring.  


Why Physical Health is Important?

HealthSocialClub believes physical health is important since harmful diseases and body aches are prevented when physical health is taken care of properly. Proper care of the body will increase a person’s health level physically. Mis-using the body is how most human’s become unhealthy and even overweight. Being overweight is harmful to the organs inside the body.


Physical Health Problems:

Not taking proper care of your physical health can cause severe problems. Abusing certain physical health components and lacking effort during physical activities is usually what causes physical health problems. Accordant to Pinnacle Care, Heart illness, respiratory illness, diabetes, sleep disorder, allergies, and Alzheimer’s are primary problems that will occur if physical health is mistreated. 

  • Heart Illness – Heart issues such as heart pain or heart attacks are common symptoms. Heart attacks occur when blood can’t reach the heart properly. Unhealthy eating, such as eating a lot of red meat or sugary substance is usually the cause of blood clots.
  • Respiratory illness – Having a hard time breathing is a result of respiratory illness. Keeping the lungs cleanse is a great way to prevent this illness. The best way to keep cleanse lungs is by drinking water and doing physical activities on a regular basis. 
  • Diabetes – Diabetes comes from the amount of sugar and salt the body consumes. Some human’s body can consume more sugar or salt than others but it’s best to keep the consumption at a bare minimum. Also, eating too many sweets such as candy is how this disease is created if not born with diabetes already. 
  • Sleep disorder – A sleep disorder that’s known during physical health problems is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is when a human constantly stops breathing fluently through their sleep. This disorder occurs often in people that have high blood pressure or a certain liver issue.
  • Allergies – This particular physical health problem deals with the human’s immune system. Allergies are activated based on a substance that a human breathes in and out of their body. That substance can be found in the air that the body’s immune system is allergic to.
  • Alzheimer’s disease – This disease is more of the mental state of a human because it deals with the brain. During this disease brain cells degenerate and began to die which causes memory loss. 

Physical Health Components:

There are several health components humans should apply in their daily routine to enhance their physical health. Each component can be used to change a person’s lifestyle. Physical health components consist of diets, activities, sleep, and drugs. Analyze each component and concentrate on how to implement the component in your daily objective.  

  • Diets – Being mindful of nutrients that enter the human body is a great start to improve physical health.  Too much or not enough protein, sugar, vitamins, and minerals can impact the improvement of physical health. Always keep a balance of the nutrients that are consumed to prevent any internal illness.
  • Activities – Any physical activity that keeps the body moving and heart pumping is considered good for physical health. During certain exercises to tone a human’s body weight is a helpful activity to enhance physical health. Activities such as walking, running, weightlifting, painting, or writing are all considered physical health components.
  • Sleep – After performing certain activities the body will suddenly get tired. The human body will eventually breakdown and collapse if it doesn’t receive enough rest. Not receiving enough amount of sleep is just as harmful as consuming bad food. Lack of rest will change the body form just like any other component will but mainly in the human face. Extra skin layers will begin to form under the eyes.
  • Drugs – This particular component affects different people in different areas of their bodies. It depends on if the drug is manufactured or a medical drug prescribed by a professional doctor. Manufactured drugs are more dangerous to take since it affects a human’s mood and causes them to lose a large amount of weight. Medical drugs are mainly used for humans that suffer a physical illness and helps ease the pain.