Social Health

What Is Social Health?

Social Health is the capability of connecting with others through communication and building a bond between one another. HIF states, “It also relates to how comfortably we adapt in social situations.” Therefore, social health can determine the mood a person has when conversating with others. Like do a person feel comfortable or nervous around people determines their condition of social health.

 High-quality social health status gives humans the confidence to start a conversation with another human. Individuals with low-quality social health are usually introverts because they dislike having conversations with strangers. Social health is what brings unity between the people that work on enhancing the quality of this aspect of health.

Why is Social Health Important?

Social Health is important because it’s capable to interfere with humans emotions and cause mood swingsPoor social health symptoms tend to give people an attitude that makes them not wanna be bothered with people. For example, a simple negative comment will transpire to irritation for people that battle with their social health status. The people that have stable social health status can adapt to negative comments and not let negativity affect their mood at all. Therefore, knowing how to control emotions during verbal interactions with others is an important factor in social health. 

Not only is controlling self emotional reactions important during social health but being cautious of others mood reaction is important. Being mindful of the tone of your voice when talking to others could help with mood reactions. Some people are sensitive than others so sounding aggressive when speaking could affect people’s social health status.

How To Attain Social Health?

Attaining social health can be difficult for an introverted type of person. A person that’s isolated during the majority of their time can experience a downfall in their social health. So the best way to attain social health is by attending social events more often than usual. Learn how to communicate with others and build a connection through conversation. Overtime a human will experience an increase in their social health by feeling more comfortable talking to a large group of people.  

Another way to attain social health status is by researching techniques to hold a conversation with people for a long period of time. Introverts often struggle with responses during conversations. Learn how to add new and relatable topics to the conversation is the best way to allow the conversation to last longer.


What are the Social Determinants of Health?

Social Determinants of Health consists of the circumstances a human was born or currently living in that impact their health status. The circumstances contain place-based conditions. Conditions like low-budget healthcare, the education systems, environmental conditions, and availability of healthy food sources. NEJM states, “Social determinants of health are an underlying cause of today’s major societal health dilemmas including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and depression.” This statement initiates that social determinants of health will impact not only social health but other aspects of health too, such as physical health if the condition not suitable for the individual.

Examples of Social Determinants of Health:

There are many living situations that will malign social determinants of health. The living situation determines the examples of social determinants of health every individual will live through. Being aware of each one of these examples of social determinants of health will prevent harsh living conditions in the environment. Also, be mindful of ways to uplift the living condition in the area to enhance social determinants of health. Now, examples of social determinants of health consist of:

  • Range of income 
  • Ethnicity type
  • Neighborhood appearance
  • Neighborhood crime rate
  • Inequality of gender
  • Healthcare budget
  • Education system performance.
  • Environment health
  • Neighborhood population
  • Law brutality level