Mental Health

What is Mental Health?

Mental Health is the health status of the mind. Also, the source that allows the human to think and feel the emotions they are witnessing at the moment. Depending on the type of energy the mind receives from the human soul determines its mental health status. Positive thinking and feeling positive are always good for the mind. The mind is the most dangerous feature of the body to harm because other features of the body rely on the mind to operate. Therefore, always be mindful of what kind of energy the mind receives.

Why is Mental Health Important?

Mental Health is important to take care of because it impacts the thinking process of the mind in many ways. The mind can be impacted in a positive aspect or negative. If negative energy becomes attached to the mind, negative actions will be the outcome. Negative energy can cause people to go through stress, depression, and anxiety if their mind is not strong enough to handle negative energy. The mind is a source that humans will need for a lifetime so it’s always best to think positive to prevent mental health problems from occurring. 


Mental Health Disorders:

People who can’t manage to keep negative energy from the mind tend to witness mental health disorders. MedlinePlus defines a mental disorder as, “conditions that affect your thinking, feeling, mood and behavior.” Mental health disorders have different phases of emotions a person goes through. Some phases are worse than others so several phases are resolved differently. Mental health disorders occur most when the mind isn’t strong enough to override negative energy with positive energy. Primary mental disorders that occur when negative energy takeover the mind are depression, eating habits, sleep disorder, and personality change.

  • Depression – This mental disorder is the most common illness people witness. Depression starts from the brain then takes over the rest of the body features to where it’ll make a person feel futile. Depression is more than a feeling, it’s a sickness that the mind goes through which only time can heal. Humans usually have to visit a mental health doctor to fully heal from depression.
  • Eating Habit – When some people go through a mental breakdown, their appetite tends to rise. It seems as if they become more comfortable with their state of mind when eating. Using food as a solution but they are harming their body in the process. Food only pleases the stomach, not the mind.
  • Sleep disorder – The mind paces back and forth between different thoughts to where it becomes difficult to sleep for most people that deal with mental illness. The mind faces difficulties focusing on relaxing and getting rest. Rarely, it’ll be a handful of mental disorder victims that try to escape their thoughts by sleeping as much as possible. Instead of being awake and facing reality, they’ll rather sleep their day away.
  • Personality Change  – This the outcome phase during a mental breakdown. This mental disorder is beyond an emotional feeling, it’s more of a behavior a person endures. People can change for the better or for the worse during this mental disorder. It depends on if the mind received positive energy or negative energy during the healing process.

How Mental Health Affects Physical Health?

Mental health affects physical health based on the mental disorders a person goes through. Depending on how a human heals the mind determines if their physical health will be impacted by mental health. The primary mental disorder that affects physical health constantly is the person eating habit. Consuming a large amount of food causes the body to gain weight and extra body weight can be harmful to the organs. Therefore, taking proper care of your mental health so important because the illness caused by will affect other aspects of health as well.