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Why Social Distancing Is Important?

Social Distancing has become more mandatory than ever in year 2020. As we all should know, the world went through a global pandemic that caused all humans to follow certain guidelines. These social distancing guidelines have been important since the guidelines allowed people to have isolation time to themselves and help prevent the spreading of coronavirus.

Being distanced from friends and family during these times has impacted some humans for the better, and some for the worse. Depending on a human’s social wellness status, social distancing hasn’t been an issue to most people. Then, on the other hand, the humans that battle with their social wellness come across a few conflicts trying to follow social distancing guidelines. 

Social Distancing Issues:

For humans that battle with obtaining social wellness, isolation is pretty difficult for them. With several social distancing guidelines the government enforced, people aren’t able to work on improving their social health on a daily basis. Social health consists of communication, emotions, and relationships humans have with another human. 

By the government limiting friendly gatherings because of the rising coronavirus cases, people haven’t been able to spend time with their loved ones like usual. The less amount of time loved ones spend together will cause a lack of communication between each other. Once lack of communication happens between two close friends, wrong assumptions can occur. 

Assumptions usually ruin relationships if not corrected through communication. With the government’s social distance guidelines and restrictions, communicating has become laborious. Even though picking up the phone and making a call is more convenient nowadays, there is still a hand full of humans that express their feelings better while in person.

The limited gatherings social distance guideline mainly affects people that are in a long-distance relationship. Depending on where a person is from and traveling to, airports has to postpone or cancel flights if the area has a large number of coronavirus cases. So for people that were planning on visiting their significant other may have to constantly reschedule if the number of coronavirus cases doesn’t decrease in their area.

Then once the two lovers finally get to unite with each other, government social distance guidelines suggest them to stay six feet from one another. Accordant to CDC, “When guests arrive, minimize gestures that promote close contact. For example don’t shake hands, do elbow bumps, or give hugs. Instead, wave and verbally greet them.” This is a procedure that the CDC suggests to obey when coming in contact with guest. 

Based on how serious a human take the spreading of the coronavirus will determine if they will follow these guidelines. People that struggle with social wellness will most likely disobey the guidelines to be around their significant other. Not being able to interact with loved ones will cause a spike in emotions like stress, depression, and anxiety. Especially for people that had a repetitive routine of spending time with others before the global pandemic.

Humans that can’t handle being distanced from friends and family are usually the purpose of coronavirus cases increasing. Once they see a person they haven’t seen in a while, the social distancing guidelines slips their mind completely. They’ll forget to wear a mask and stay six feet apart because they are so anxious to give their friend/family a hug or kiss. Then again, it’s hard to blame them for these actions when understanding how social wellness impacts human’s social health tremendously. 

Why Social Distancing Is Good?

Following social distancing guidelines is a lot simpler for humans that have stable social wellness. People with stable social wellness benefits from social distancing because they use time away from others to learn more about themselves. Having time to focus on yourself access the thought process in the human’s mind. 

Isolation helps individuals to sit and observed all the good and bad actions their close people did for them. This how people get to realize who been there during hard times for them and who are just temporary. Identifying fake friends from real friends improves social health because now the human will understand what type of people truly makes them happy in life. 

Most people don’t know how to use social distancing guidelines to their advantage. To enhance social wellness, loneliness is required sometimes. Not only will it teach lessons on who really there for you but it also teaches humans how to appreciate other humans.  Placing yourself in another person’s perspective to acknowledge the good reasoning behind their actions is a sign of appreciation. Showing appreciation a great way to improve social wellness since it requires humans to think for others and new ways to enhance their relationships.

Following social distancing guidelines have been a hassle during these times for the majority of the world’s population. For people that actually think about other’s safety, obeying these guidelines is a priority for them. These types of people understand that their actions will affect many other people. HealthSocialClub advises every human to continue to follow these guidelines if they truly care for the affection of others. If people focused more on social distancing then coronavirus cases will decrease and every guideline will eventually be abolished. Once every social distancing guideline is abolished, every human can start working on their social wellness on a daily basis again.