About Our Health Page:

HealthSocialClub health page provides a summary of  different aspects of health. Google defines health as “the state of being ill free.” To clarify, illness is a disorder that can appear in different aspects of health. The different aspects of health consist of physical, social, spiritual, and mental aspects. The status of each aspect determines a human’s overall health level. Therefore, these features are important to work on daily if a person is planning on becoming truly healthy.

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Physical Health

Physical Health Summary:

To summarize physical health is basically the physical fitness functionality of the body.  For example, if a person is free of any type of body illness and they are able to operate all their body parts then they’re physically healthy. Therefore, any pain is considered an illness so something as minor as a headache can impact physical health.

Most importantly, the ability to do physical activities define the outcome of  human’s physical health. Such as the operation of human’s organs and body nerves.

Mental Health

Mental Health Summary:

To clarify, mental health is the overall health level of the mind. For instance, the mind is the thinking source for humans and their imagination. There are several mental illnesses that can affect the mind which are stress, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, not only can mental illness affect how humans think and feel but also can affect how they act toward others. That’s a reason why mental health is so significant throughout a person’s life span. 

Social Health

Social Health Summary:

The summarization of social health consists of the comfortability a human has while interacting verbally with other humans. In other words, the mood a human is placed in while communicating determines their social health status. Humans not allowing other humans to affect their mood when conducting a conversation is considered high-quality social health.  However, having high-quality social health can’t be taught, it can only be improved by experiences with different people’s personalities. So humans that can adjust their mood based on the vibe they experience with others is a sign of social health improvement. 

Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health Summary:

Being at peace with living and truly accepting the way of life summarizes spiritual health best. Spirituality is beyond the body and mind. To clarify, spirituality is more of a feeling within the soul. Acknowledging every object as a purpose in life and using each object with meaning practices spiritual wellness. For instance, adapting during any difficult time in life and understanding that life will play out how it’s meant to be is a stable status during spiritual health awareness.