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The Benefits of Drinking Water on a Daily:

Google states, “Forty-three percent of adults drink less than four cups of water a day.” This quote states that many humans don’t understand the importance of drinking water is for the body. Some people might but most don’t know that the human body is made of 60 percent water! This means our cells and organs need water to continue to operate properly.

If people would consume enough water daily, their physical health can improve in many ways. Below are several benefits of how drinking water has an impact on the human body.

The popular benefit of drinking water has an effect on is weight loss. For people that have more body fat than normal, drinking enough amount of water will help tone their body weight. The substance that usually causes people to over gain weight are substances that contains sugar. Soda is one of the substances that cause people to gain weight because of the amount of sugar it has. There are 39 grams of sugar in a 12 oz Coca-Cola can. Even though soda satisfies a human “taste buds” after a tasteful meal, the amount of sugar soda contains is bad for the human organs and causes the body to gain weight.

The second benefit of drinking water does for the body is increase skin health and beauty complexion. Humans can be born with bad skin but usually, that’s not the situation when they have bad acne. Consuming a lot of sugar  will damage the pores of the skin and cause it to form bumps on the face. Water doesn’t contain any sugar, so it’s more healthy for the pores under the skin.

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Based on research, water will also cushion the body’s sensitive tissues. Accordant to MedicalNewsToday, “dehydration can lead to problems with thinking and reasoning.” Dehydration occurs when the human body runs out of fluid. Once the fluids low, a lack of hormone production can occur and cause harm to a primary sensitive tissue of the body, the brain. Water is the healthiest form of fluids that prevents dehydration from the human-body and avoids damage to sensitive tissues.

Water is the most important resource for the body. All systems of the body depend on water consumption but the two that need water the most is the excretory and digestive system. The digestive system is the primary system that depends on water because water assists the stomach with dissolving food the body consumes. Without water, the stomach can get clogged up and cause constipation when performing a bowel movement.

Not only does drinking water assist the digestive system in many ways but can’t forget how important it is to the excretory system. The kidneys are part of the excretory system that maintains a balance of water, salt, and minerals throughout the body. On a daily basis, the kidneys filter 120-150 quarts of fluids. The body loses 1-2 quarts of fluids every time the body urinates. This when water assists to keep the kidneys cleanse and reproduce fluids that the kidneys lost. Water also helps avoid the kidneys from kidney stones. Kidney stones also called nephrolithiasis will make it painful for humans to urinate regularly because the hard deposit minerals and acid salt sticks together and make urine difficult to pass through the urinary tract.

There are plenty of benefits that drinking water can provide for the human body. The body can operate from strictly only water before it will need any food supplements. Most people’s illnesses usually come from the food they eat. Certain food carries bad nutrients that will harm the organs of the body.

When a human eats, the nutrients travel through the blood to reach the organs. Even if a human consumes bad nutrients, drinking water will cleanse the bloodstream and block harmful supplements from reaching the main organs. Keeping a cleanse bloodstream is what maintains the human blood pressure level. Food can cause the blood to get too thick to travel through the body but the right amount of water is what keeps the blood thin enough to travel fluently.

Blood carries oxygen through the body for organs like the heart to beat at a normal pace. If the blood temperature is irregular it can cause organs to not receive compatible oxygen flow. When drinking water, the water travels through the bloodstream and helps the body maintain a balanced body temperature. This is what causes humans to sweat when the body overheats because water from inside the body evaporates to the outside layer of skin to cool the body temperature.

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Water is the most important resource when it comes to the human body. The body will break down and cause many illnesses with a lack of water. Then again, too much water can also harm many organs in the body. Down below are the measurements of water a human should consume every day. 

How Much Water Should A Human Drink a Day?

Most people know that too much water is as harmful as the lack of water is to the body. Over-consuming an amount of water can cause a person to drown but depending on a person age and body weight, some people can consume more water than others. The theory nowadays is that humans should drink eight ounces of water per day but researchers say that could be too much or not enough for some humans. According to MedicalNewsToday, there are several theories on how much water a human should drink daily. 


For instance, infants can be difficult to determine how much fluids they need daily because all of their food supplements are in liquid form. When they are a newborn, water isn’t a recommendation of their food supplement, breast or formula milk is. Studies suggest infants younger than 6 months usually intake about 780 milliliters of milk per day. Then infants that are older than 6 months intake about 1,200 milliliters of liquid per day.

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With children, age matters the most because the kid’s organs develop as they get older. So from research, kids from the ages of 4 to 8 should intake 40 ounces per day. 40 ounces is equivalent to 5 cups. Then for children from 9-12 years of age should consume between 56 to 64 ounces which is about 7-8 cups of water per day. 


Kids from the ages of 13 to 18 are considered teenagers. Teenager’s organs can develop as an adult organ earlier than several teenagers so it’s okay if some intake the same amount of water as an adult. For the teenagers that don’t have the developed body as an adult, should consume about 64 to 88 ounces of water. Which is roughly around 8 to 11 cups.


Adults, the age of 19 and older body are more developed than children so their water intake is much higher. For men, a study says they should drink 3.7 liters of fluids. Then, women should consume 2.7 liters of fluids. Fluids consider all supplements that contain water, such as fruits and vegetables.  

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Adult drinking water.

HealthSocialClub encourages all humans to drink water every single day even if it’s not the correct measurements. Drinking fluids that contain sugar, sodium and a large number of calories are bad for a human’s physical health. Water is the only fluid the human-body can consume that won’t harm the organs unless the body consumes an over large amount of it. All four systems of the body, like the digestive, respiratory, skeletal, and integumentary system will operate smoothly as long as the proper fluids are applied, water!